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2018-2019  Class  Schedule: 
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2018-19 Dress Code:
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Monthly Tuition Rates
1 Class                $45      ($11.25 per class)
2 Classes             $80      ($10.00 per class)
3 Classes             $105     ($8.75 per class)
4 Classes             $125     ($7.81 per class)
5 Classes             $145     ($7.25 per class)
6 Classes             $155     ($6.45 per class)
7 Classes             $165     ($5.89 per class)
8 Classes             $175     ($5.46 per class)
9 Classes             $185     ($5.13 per class)
10 Classes           $195     ($4.87 per class)
Each Additional class is $10 per month.
*There is a $10 per student annual registration fee.
Download the registration form below. 
*Mail completed forms and $10 Registration Fee to P.O. Box 59, Leesport, PA  19533. 
BALLET/POINTEA classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement.  Techniques taught include Vaganova and Cecchetti.  Class consists of barre work, center work, including adagio & petite allegro, and across the floor exercises.  Students on Pointe must be approved by the instructor. 
JAZZTypically the style of dance you see on Broadway, concerts or television. Jazz is usually fast-paced with accented movements danced to popular music. Class includes a warm-up including isolations, stretching, and coordination exercises, across the floor including jumps and turns, and a center combination.
MODERNModern dance encourages artistic individualism, and thus has many pioneers and many techniques. Techniques focused on will include Graham, Taylor, Limon, and Horton. Modern dance is characterized by contractions, strength, floorwork, and use of the floor through low movements.
TAP:  A type of dance in which the rhythm is sounded out by the clicking taps on the heels and toes of a dancer's shoes. Class will consist of a warm-up, stretching, across the floor exercises, and center combinations.  Styles include Broadway style and Hoofing.
LYRICAL/CONTEMPORARY:  Class consists of a contemporary ballet barre, stretching, jumps and turns across the floor, and a center combination.  This class will encourage dancers to interpret the music through their dance movements and facial expressions.
HIP HOP Inspired by urban culture today, this class will allow students to let go and dance without being limited by rules of technique.  After warming-up with isolations, strengthening, and stretching, the class will move across the floor to work on rhythm, upper body strength, and funky footwork.  Class will end with a challenging combination.
BALLET/JAZZ COMBOPerfect for the three and four year-old, this class offers a half hour of ballet technique and a half hour of jazz technique.  Ballet will start in the center with ballet basics and stretching.  Students will spend some “big-kid” time at the barre and execute across the floor exercises.  Jazz will consist of center warm-ups, across the floor exercises, and basic acro tricks, such as cartwheels and somersaults.  This class will also include coordination and social exercises, such as the Hokey Pokey, Follow the Leader, and the “Freeze” game. (Level II Combo Class will include Tap and more advanced moves in all dance genres.)
ACROBATICS: If you love to somersault, cartwheel, and perform tricks, this is the class for you.  Acrobatics will improve your flexibility and strength, and you will have a great time.  Acro is for all ages and we work at each student’s individual level.  We’re working on the basic forward roll up to the back tuck.  Enhance your dancing by learning aerials!
CONDITIONING:  A forty-five minute class focusing on core strength and proper stretching.  This class will use Pilates and Yoga to safely enhance dancers' technique and help avoid injuries from improper and forced work.
It is extremely important that the dress code is followed.  Please no big jewelry & hair must be pulled back. 
***Black Leotards may have some color in the trim or an accent color.
The last week of every month is Colored Leotard & Colored Shorts week! 

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Target, Payless Shoes, &
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